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Digital Talent Academy

Training activities with the best curriculum. Designed with the main objective of improving digital talent skills intensively and quickly as the change and demand for digital talent.


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Onsite Digital Talent Outsource

We will deploy our team of IT experts to work on-site at your company’s office. Your company will retain full control over project management and the allocation of tasks to our IT team. The monthly billing will be based on the Man Month price of the IT staff we provide.


Remote Digital talent Outsource

The IT experts we provide will work in Solutionlabs’ offices and only if necessary will be on-site in your company’s offices. Your company provides the job specifications to us so that the project management is on us. The IT professionals we provide only will do the work of your company (Dedicated Human Resource).


Steps to Become a Digital Talent With Us

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Intensive Learning

Curriculum program can deliver coverage of programming abilities in a quick time, allowing for the acquisition of critical knowledge.

Networking Opportunities

The training program offers an industry network, connecting you with professionals, prospective entrepreneurs, and colleagues.

Real-World Skills

Training program focuses on practical skills and work abilities, make sure talent ready to work according to the needs of Current industry.


Training program provide mentorship from industry experts, guiding your programming journey.

Career Path

The training program provides an overview of a career in the technology industry with the skills you possess.

Job Placement Assistance

Training Program offer job placement support, enhancing your employability with resume building, interview coaching, and job connections.


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