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Digital Talent Outsourcing

Our company offers Digital Talent Outsourcing services for companies in need with the aim to refers to hiring external individuals or firms for specific digital roles or tasks, providing cost-efficiency and specialized expertise


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Onsite Digital Talent Outsource

We will deploy our team of IT experts to work on-site at your company’s office. Your company will retain full control over project management and the allocation of tasks to our IT team. The monthly billing will be based on the Man Month price of the IT staff we provide.


Remote Digital talent Outsource

The IT experts we provide will work in Solutionlabs’ offices and only if necessary will be on-site in your company’s offices. Your company provides the job specifications to us so that the project management is on us. The IT professionals we provide only will do the work of your company (Dedicated Human Resource).


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Cost Efficiency

Digital talent Outsourcing services can save costs by eliminating recruitment, training, and simplifying compensation processes

Scalability and Specialization

Your company can easily customize business development needs with outsourcing, both for up and down scale.

Specialization for business

Using digital talent outsourcing allows your company to focus on major without having to think a lot about the workforce and wage issues

Flexibility and Scalability

Our company provide project flexibility and scalability, allowing you to hire them for short or long-term projects as youneeded

Time Management Efficiency

The availability of IT Outsourcing services simplifies the management of employees in your company.

Quality maintenance

With digital talent able to give more time for companies to improve the quality of their services and products


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